OBS Studio - Free software for recording videos and streaming on Twitch, Youtube and other similar services

If you create video content, you can freely download OBS Studio and use all its features for free. This is a useful program for streaming lovers and those who want to pull videos from the Internet and save webinars, broadcasts, etc. to their PC. However, OBS Studio also has its drawbacks. You will not be able to trim the video, overdub text or music after the end of the recording. The program consumes a lot of system resources and slows down on low-power computers.

Open Broadcaster Software, or OBS Studio, is used to record and save streaming video to your computer and broadcast online. It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac platforms. Versions are available for systems with 32 and 64 bit architectures. This app supports many popular streaming services: CyberGame, Youtube, Daily Motion, Cash Play, Hitbox, Twitch and many more.

OBS is open source software. Any user can download OBS Studio for free and use the program without any restrictions.

OBS Studio free download

Advanced video recording tools

OBS includes tools for correcting video while recording. Apply separate filters for each source. Apply masks, change the background, adjust the color balance.

Record system sounds or audio from a connected device and sync them in real time. A convenient mixer will help you to suppress noise and adjust the volume.

Built-in transitions help you set up smooth scene changes in your video. Fade and cut effects are available. The user can manually set the duration of each transition.

Extend the program's capabilities with plug-in plugins. OBS developers and fans share on the official forum extensions that will speed up the work with the software.